Podcasts & Guest Spots

Curious to understand more about the work I do with my clients?  Watch and/or listen to me being interviewed! 

These interviews will give you some great insights, inspirations and tools for bringing more pleasure into your life and creating more of what you want!

Finding My Yum - Ep. 100: Embodiment Coaching 

In this episode I talk about my journey to becoming a Sex and Relationship Coach, the top 3 reasons people come to me for coaching, and my views on Tantra.

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The Herbal Wisdom Podcast- Ep. 39: Jade Eggs and the Practice of Pleasure

We explore everything from how to begin noticing what you like, to what might be standing in the way of your own pleasure (hint: SO many things), to specifically how a jade egg practice is a tool you can try to enhance your personal embodied, orgasmic pleasure.

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Salty Sex Cast - Ep. 56: Self Love 

I talk about the importance of self love, being your own best friend, polyamory and relationship anarchy and tools for getting to know yourself better.

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The Spiritual Playboy: Pleasure As A Source of Power

How and why PLEASURE is so essential for HEALING and POWER.

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