Become More Erotically Embodied and Sexually Empowered

Gain sexual confidence, becoming more sensually embodied, heal past traumas and step into your full power so that you can live your best life and have more satisfying sex, love and relationships.


Do you want to feel more connected to your erotic and sensual energy?

Do you want to feel more empowered and expressive as a sexual being?

Do you want to experience stronger orgasms, more pleasure, greater arousal and desire?

Do you seek more clarity in knowing what you want and how to express it?

Do you want to feel more comfortable and confident connecting with others?

Are you curious about taking your sexuality to greater levels of pleasure and expansion?


If you answered "Yes!" to any of these questions, I'm here to guide you!


Still wondering if is this is for you?


I support women who:

- Want to get in touch with their arousal and desire and know what turns them on and off

-Are ready to move through sexual blockages and heal past traumas and limiting beliefs

-Want to explore their sexuality, experience more pleasure and have stronger orgasms

-Are ready to experience more freedom and full expression of their erotic nature

-Want to feel more comfortable and confident connecting intimately with others

I support men who:

-Struggle with premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction or low desire

-Want to become more confident and empowered as a sexual being

-Want to experience more meaningful, satisfying  and easeful intimate connections

-Are struggling in a sexless marriage 

-Are ready to overcome shame and/or fear about their sexuality

I work with non-binary and LGBTQ+ individuals.

I specialize in supporting people exploring non-traditional relationships, especially polyamory, ethical non-monogamy, open-relationships, etc.

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Usha Rose Coaching

“If you're interested in sexuality, embodiment, and living from an empowered place I highly recommend working with Usha.

I was feeling like I had reached a plateau in my journey of sexual expression and now I feel more confident to embody my unique erotic nature and speak my boundaries.

Our time together was playful, deep, and very activating." ”

Usha Rose Coaching

“Before working with Usha, I felt cloaked in layers of uncertainty around arousal and my divine erotic nature. After working with her, I felt I had the tools to begin removing these layers and to explore revealing my true erotic nature to the world, on my own, with confidence and wisdom.

Usha mixes curriculum with embodied experience and it makes for a transformational experience. And of course, she is an inspiration in her own beautiful, erotic embodied self!”

Financial Strategist

Usha Rose Coaching

“(Before working with Usha,) I was not feeling my sexual fire or creative energy very strongly. Usha helped me reconnect with the juiciness and pleasure in my body and in the world.

I feel more empowered and confident in my sexuality, with my partners and alone.

Working with Usha was fun, engaging and playful. She led me safely to my edges so that I could learn myself in new ways and bring what I learned into my body. ”

Registered Nurse