Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Sometimes you pee a little when you laugh or sneeze, ie struggle with incontinence. Yikes!

  • You feel numbness, pain or discomfort, or just lack sensitivity or pleasure in your pussy.

  • You don’t orgasm, or you wish your orgasms were more exciting, bigger and longer lasting.

  • You want to experience different ‘types’ of orgasms (G-spot, Cervical, etc.)

  • You've noticed you aren't getting as wet down there as you used to and are wondering what that's about?!

  • You experience shame, embarrassment or insecurities about your vagina, your scent, what it looks like, your juices or your erotic expression of any kind.

  • You don’t have an intimate connection to your body, your vagina or your sensuality and want to experience something more satisfying, nourishing and empowering.

  • You feel like you have low libido, have trouble getting aroused or lack interest in sex.

  • You struggle with feeling not good enough, worthy enough, pretty enough, sexy enough… and you are ready to embrace and live the truth- that YOU ARE ENOUGH! 

 If so.. . this course is for YOU!

Introducing Pussy Majesty

A transformational 28-day (jade egg) journey to deepen your intimate connection to your sensual self, your pleasure and your pussy. 

This training supports you to:

  • Have more control over your pelvic floor (strength AND suppleness) so that you can say goodbye to incontinence and hello to more laughter, ease and comfort in your body.

  • Access more sensitivity, pleasure and power in your pussy so that your orgasms reach the next level of epicness.

  • Improve circulation and lubrication to your yoni so that you feel juicier & wetter, more aroused and ready for all the sexy fun you desire (alone or with others).

  • Heal old wounds, traumas and insecurities so that you can more fully embody incredible self-love, acceptance and confidence.

  • Feel sexy, radiant, magnetic and capable of achieving more of your sensual, sexy desires.

  • Have a deeper and more meaningful relationship to your vulva and vagina so that you can access her feminine wisdom, intuition, pleasure and power.

  • Understand how to use your erotic energy for healing, transformation and manifestation (Sex Magic!)
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Hi there beauty and welcome,  

My name is Usha Rose

I'm the founder of the Erotic Embodiment Institute and a Sensual Embodiment & Sexual Empowerment Coach.

I've been working in the field of Sacred Sexuality for over five years, and bring over 20 years of professional experience in the field of healing arts, meditation, conscious dance, yoga, bodywork and tantric studies.

When I first started exploring with a Yoni Egg I didn't know much what I was doing (and made a few mistakes along the way) but enjoyed playing on my own with curiosity and appreciated the connection and energetic pleasure of having a crystal stone inside my vagina. 

I also started to notice it gave me more control over my pelvic floor muscles, I was having more powerful orgasms and I was feeling juicer then before, which was something I had started to notice was changing as I've been maturing in age.

Recognizing the fun and the benefits of using a Yoni Egg lead me to study it more in depth with my teacher Layla Martin and to finally create this course, so I can share with you the beauty, pleasure, healing and empowerment of a conscious Jade Egg Practice!

What's Included in the Program?

4 Live Group Rituals (via Zoom)

Gather in sacred sisterhood for these fun and interactive LIVE group calls.  Each meeting includes a powerful Yoni Egg Ritual, sensual embodiment practices, Q&A and community connection time. 

 Introduction Guide

Welcome to your Yoni Egg!  This collections of resources covers important information about your relationship. to your Yoni Egg.  It covers: How to physically and energetically cleanse your egg, How to string, insert and remove your egg, how to choose the right egg for you, and additional FAQs

6 Unique Yoni Egg Rituals correlated to the Feminine Archetypes

These intentional embodiment practices can be used with or without the Jade Egg.  They are designed to heal, empower and deepen your intimate connection with your sensuality and your pussy.  Read more about the Archetypes below.


Pleasure Essentials Bundle

Deepen your connection to your sensuality, and your pleasure through this collection of guided sensual embodied practices: Sensual Pleasure Practice, Erotic Activation Practice and Breast Massage Practice.  

Energetic Awareness Practices 

You Cultivate greater awareness of the energy that moves in your body and how to utilize it for greater confidence, radiance, youthfulness, energy and power.  These practices include: Grounded Power Practice, Radiance Practice and Chakra Activation Practice. 

Majestic Meditation Bundle

4 Pre-recorded meditations to support your embodiment journey and connection to your powerful sensual self.  These include a Pussy Meditation, a Pussy-Heart Connection Meditation, a Womb Meditation and a Self-Love and Empowerment Affirmations Meditation.

Sister Check-in Calls

You have the option to be matched with another sister in the program to share about your experience.

This will help deepen a sense of connection within the group and keep you accountable for staying engaged with the program.

Private FB group and DM Support

This platform will support you to stay engaged and connected to the other sisters in the program. 

You are welcome to communicate with me via email or DM anytime you have questions, celebrations or need personal support during the program.

Nervous System Regulation Practice

This trauma-informed course includes an educational practice to support you in moving through any intense feelings, energies, overwhelm or other difficult moments that might arise during the course of the work so that you stay well resourced.

The Six Archetypal Modules

Wild Child: Connect, Play and Ground

-Reconnect to your erotic innocence

-Play and explore with curiosity your body, your sensuality and your sense of self

Divine Mother: Nurture and Love

-Explore your sensuality from a place of loving, attentive care

-Cultivate your ability and capacity to deeply nourish and give generously to yourself 

Temple Priestess : Prayer and Magic

-Clear stagnant energy from your body and heal from past wounds

-Cultivate deep presence, listening and inner trust with yourself and your body 

-Learn to use your erotic energy for manifestation and prayer

Inner Healer : Clear and Heal

-Clear stagnant energy from your body and heal from past wounds

-Cultivate deep presence, listening and inner trust with yourself and your body 

-Learn to use your erotic energy for manifestation and prayer

Royal Queen: Charge and Empower

-Enhance your magnetism and radiance to create and attract more of what you want in your life

-Improve confidence and strength to express yourself and embody your authentic power

Sexy Lover: Orgasmic Pleasure and Bliss

-Cultivate deep love, confidence and sexy turn on for yourself, your most epic and important lover

-Expand your pleasure capacity and experience enhanced states of orgasmic ecstasy and bliss

So if you're ready to:

  • Increase your connection to your pussy so that you are more connected to your divine feminine wisdom, intuition, pleasure and power

  • Heal and clear any stagnant energy or shame lingering within you so that you can more fully embody your fullest potential version of yourself

  • Enhance your radiance, confidence and magnetism so that you can attract, create and sustain all your most satisfying relationships, prosperity, health and joy.

  • Improve the strength, flexibility and sensitivity of your pussy so that you can experience even more pleasure, earth-shaking orgasms and a physically healthy pelvic floor. 

** Open to all women-identified humans or non-binary, vulva-bodied people. **


Then come join Pussy Majesty!

Investment in your majestic pussy and vibrant self = $297

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Details about the Program

We start Wednesday, June 7th!

Where: Zoom Chat Room (You can join from anywhere!) 

How It Works:

-Each Live Group Call will include a guided Jade Egg Ritual Practice, as well as time for connection within the sisterhood community and Q&A.  Doing the practices live together creates more commitment, gives them more power and supports you to actually show up for yourself and your healing!

(All calls will be recorded and posted in the course portal, so if you miss a call you can watch on your own time.  You will also have access to the recordings to practice anytime on your own in the future.)

-There will be a suggested curriculum of home play, journaling and meditations to deepen your connection to your pussy, your sensuality and your heart on a daily basis.

-You can signup to have an accountability sister to share about your experience throughout the program if desired.

-There will be a Private FB group where you are encouraged to share your experiences, questions, celebrations, challenges, etc over the course of the program.  This creates greater connection, inspiration and support for everyone.

Save the Dates for our LIVE calls:

Wednesday, June 7th, 6pm pst

Wednesday, June 14th, 6pm pst

Wednesday, June 21st, 6pm pst

Wednesday, June 28th, 6pm pst



" If you're interested in sexuality, embodiment, and living from an empowered place I highly recommend working with Usha.

Usha has a lot of knowledge and enthusiasm to share with her students. She holds a fun, educational, and safe space for groups and is also able to connect with everyone individually to meet them where they are and encourage participation.

I was feeling like I had reached a plateau in my journey of sexual expression and now I feel more confident to embody my unique erotic nature and speak my boundaries.

Our time together was playful, deep, and very activating." -- Amara E.

"Usha is an incredible facilitator. She held a beautiful container where we all felt safe, liberated, and able to dive deep within ourselves.

Not only do I highly recommend this workshop, I think it is imperative for all women to gather in this connective and honest way, to discover together, to be liberated by common fears and desires, and be empowered to learn what we want and how to ask for it." -- Alexa N.

Alexa F N
Ruby S

"Usha helped me understand my sexuality via education, presence, challenge, and spirit in ways I didn’t know that I didn’t know.

Her gentle, safe, sultry guidance really inspired my own sensuality in an easy and approachable way that has more often than not been closed off from me behind a door locked by fear and feelings of being too vulnerable in my previous explorations of my sexuality with men.

I really enjoyed being witnessed and guided in ways that were actually really fun and light hearted and just sensual in the purest form of the word." -- Ruby S.

"Before taking this course with Usha, I was not feeling my sexual fire or creative energy very strongly. Taking the course helped me reconnect with the juiciness and pleasure in my body and in the world.

I feel more empowered and confident in my sexuality, with my partners and alone.

The course was fun, engaging and playful. Usha led us safely to our edges so that we could learn ourselves in new ways and helped us bring what we learned into our bodies.

I would take this course again and recommend it highly!"

-- Stephanie Hubbard, Registered Nurse


"Usha is a patient, observant and playful facilitator. I fully appreciated her approach in creating a soft and erotic space for all sisters to open up in.

I recommend her workshops to anyone who is desiring to embrace their womanhood, sexuality and connection to sisterhood."

-- Adelaide Marcus, Belly Dance Teacher & Artist

"Before working with Usha, I felt cloaked in layers of uncertainty around arousal and my divine erotic nature. After working with her, I felt I had the tools to begin removing these layers and to explore revealing my true erotic nature to the world, on my own, with confidence and wisdom.

Usha mixes curriculum with embodied experience and it makes for a transformational experience. And of course, she is an inspiration in her own beautiful, erotic embodied self!" -- Chrissy M.

Chrissy M - Testimonial


"You have been an absolutely amazing facilitator. Thank you for the clear structure, thoughtful communication and detailed written and filmed exercises in each module.

This course was well crafted and easy to follow.
I can only imagine how much energy went into creating this safe container for us.

appreciate you very much!"

-- Daniela Lien


"Through her work normalizing her own sexuality, it is apparent how embodied Usha's comfort is with herself.

She creates an incredibly supportive container for pleasure-exploration, both within oneself and in relation to others, in order to expand awareness and stimulate growth, thereby making the world a much sexier place."

-- Valora Hanko, Sex and Relationship Coach