About Usha Rose

Sacred Sexuality Educator, Sexual Empowerment Coach and Conscious Relationship Mentor 


Usha Rose is the founder of the Erotic Embodiment Institute and Apprentice Facilitator for the International School of Temple Arts.  


As a Sexual Empowerment & Conscious Relationship Coach she is passionate about supporting her clients and students to live the most sensually embodied, erotically empowered and lovingly satisfied life possible.  She believes in creating the life you love and breaking free from social paradigms and limiting beliefs.  


In addition to offering private and couple's coaching sessions, she offers transformational, online courses such as, the Women's Pleasure and Power Program and Pussy Majesty Yoni Egg Program. 


Her 1:1 coaching and group programs support you to connect more intimately to yourself, your sensuality and your desires so you can create the relationships and lifestyle that is in fullest alignment with the authentic truth of who you are. 


She is a VITA™ certified Sex, Love and Relationship Coach from the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, a graduate of the Somatica™ Method of Sex and Relationship Coaching, an ISTA Trained Practitioner and a graduate of the LoveWorks™ Relationship Training Mastery Program.   


Usha is also a passionate dancer and community organizer. 

She co-founded Foothills Fusion Dance in 2014 as well as Convergence and Heartbeat, two Ecstatic and Fusion dance micro-festivals in Northern California.   She is a Lead Facilitator for Cocréa, a mindful partner dance company that produces transformational dance retreats and workshops around the globe.


Usha has been partner dancing since 2005 and has been a part of the conscious dance community since 2010.  In addition to studying a variety of partner dance modalities she has studied SoulMotion™ with Vinn Marti and Zuza Engler, completed the JourneyDance™ Teacher Training with Toni Bergins and continues to be inspired by the teachings of Contact Improv and 5Rhythms™.

She has taught on the subjects of Erotic Embodiment and Sacred Sexuality, as well as Partner Dance and Yoga, at several events around the country including Enchanted Forest Gathering, Jumpsuit Family Gathering and Northern California Dance Camp.

Usha is also a trained and experienced body worker and yogini for over 20 years.

Usha Rose is a licensed massage therapist and yoga teacher with over 15 years of professional experience and more than 2000 hours of training in yoga, meditation and the somatic healing arts.  


She has been fascinated by love, sexuality, communications and relationships her entire life. No matter the modality, she works intuitively, intelligently and effectively to support her clients and students through their healing process and to align with their fullest potential.


Her offerings are deeply informed and inspired by nature, divinity, love, sensuality, embodiment, healthy relating, and constant striving towards being a better human.


When not working in her business you can find her dancing with friends and lovers or out playing in nature somewhere communing with the divine.


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