Self Pleasure Rituals (1)

The Pleasure Rituals are for you if you want to:

  • Deepen your intimate connection with yourself, your body and your sensuality so that you can experience more joy, self-love and appreciation for yourself and your life.

  • Feel supported and inspired while exploring your sexuality and erotism so you can open up to greater realms of pleasure, fun and healing.

  • Come into a state of full presence and surrender so that you can experience even more pleasure and the most profound, powerful orgasms yet!  

  • Utilize your pleasure and erotic energy as a source of nourishment, creativity, inspiration and power.

  • Release and transform fear, shame and insecurities about your sexuality and/or body.

**NOTE: These rituals were originally intended for and taught to bodies with vulvas and/or Female-identified persons.  Therefore, it is important to know and understand in advance that the instructions and guidance uses gendered language such as women and refers to the genitals using specific language like vulva, vagina, pussy, etc.  If you have a different gender and/or anatomy specified here you are still welcome to use these practices and adopt them to your own body, needs, language and identities.   


Please contact me in advance with any questions or concerns at 


Yes, Give Me the Self Pleasure Rituals for just $27!

Benefits of being guided in your pleasure exploration are: 

- Encourages you to try new things 

- Invites you to take extra time with yourself 

- Inspires you to be more curious and playful 

- Leads you to discover new turn ons

- Enhances your pleasure capacity 

- Brings you to heightened states of arousal  

- Expands your orgasmic potential


What's included in the Exclusive Collection:

  • An introduction and welcome video that covers what to expect and how to prepare for using these guided practices.

  • Nine unique rituals with varying themes and practices:
    • 2 x Ecosensual Rituals

    • 2 x Sex Magic Rituals

    • 3 x Moon Time Rituals

    • 1 x Inner Sacred Union Ritual

    • 1 x Pleasure Nourishment Ritual

  • All of the rituals include some combination of specific somatic practices, meditations, visualizations and breath work which will teach you new ways of connecting to you body, sensuality, emotions and spirituality.

  • Lifetime access to these recordings and any updates.

Hi! I’m Usha Rose, a Sacred Sexuality and Conscious Relationship Coach.

It is my passion to support and inspire women to connect more intimately to their desires, pleasure and sensuality so that they can live with even more embodied confidence, power, joy and freedom.


Having an intentional self pleasure practice has been one of the most sexually empowering and liberating practices I've used over the past ten years to live a life of embodied confidence and freedom .


And so it is with my full heart that I share these rituals  with you so that you can also benefit from the power of such a valuable practice.



  • Usha Rose Coaching

    “Thank you so much. That was fabulous. I'm feeling so grounded and whole in my self.
    Your guidance is pitch perfect. ”

  • Usha Rose Coaching

    “How very beautiful... Thank you so much for this journey and bringing us into our bodies in such a loving and empowering way. I really appreciate your encouragement of allowing all emotions.”

  • Usha Rose Coaching

    ““Mmmmm, I am feeling so nourished!!
    This is the first time I have ever done something like this and it feels so empowering!!””

  • Usha Rose Coaching

    “What a sweet home-coming back to my body temple. So emotionally opening and connecting. Thank you Usha, I love you and these beautiful ceremonies.”

  • Usha Rose Coaching

    “These guided practices help me so much to go deeper than I go on my own. It feels so good to be able to be open and vulnerable with myself and release emotion.”

  • Usha Rose Coaching

    “I’ve recently come to recognize how dependent I’ve been on a partner for my pleasure.
    This is a first step in my journey to a deeper understanding of self pleasure and what is possible for me. So much is already opening up and I'm feeling so grateful for these practices”

Give me the Self Pleasure Rituals!

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