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I support women who:

  • Want to get in touch with their arousal and desire and know what turns them on and off

  • Are ready to move through sexual blockages and heal past traumas and limiting beliefs

  • Want to explore their sexuality, experience more pleasure and have stronger orgasms

  • Are ready to experience more freedom and full expression of their erotic nature

  • Want to feel more comfortable and confident connecting intimately with others

I support men who:

  • Are struggling with premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction or low desire

  • Want to become more confident and empowered as a sexual being

  • Want to experience more meaningful, satisfying  and easeful intimate connections

  • Are experiencing a sexless marriage 

  • Are ready to overcome shame and/or fear about their sexuality

I work with non-binary and LGBTQ individuals, as well as people exploring non-traditional relationships, especially polyamory, non-monogamy and open-relating.

“After my work with Usha, things have been opening up for me on a multi-dimensional level.  I’ve been feeling so much more integrated and whole.  I already feel more open and available in terms of connection with others.”

Kristin M.

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Become More Erotically Embodied and Sexually Empowered

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The following modalities can be integrated into a unique program to support your growth, healing and exploration of your sexuality.

Set up a Free Discovery Session with me to learn how I can best support you and find out if we are a good fit to work together.

Somatic Sex Education and Empowerment

Discover more of who you are as a sexual being being.  Understand your arousal to maximize your arousal potential.  Learn what really turns you on and what actually turns you off.  Understand your own desire and how to ask for what you want.  Heighten your capacity for pleasure. Experience better, more satisfying orgasms.  Move with confidence, curiosity and power.  Expand your repertoire and discover more options for sexual satisfaction.  Know yourself and your body better and how to please your partner(s.) Become a better lover.

Relationship and Intimacy Coaching

Experience more satisfying connections and enjoy deeper intimacy.   Become more confident and comfortable meeting new people.  Create relationships that resonate with who you are and what you want.  Learn healthier ways of relating.  Become more skillful and graceful at expressing your self.  Open to greater freedom and more love.  Get support navigating non-traditional relationships, ie open, non-monogamous and polyamorous.

Erotic Embodiment

Understand how sexual energy moves in your body.  Become more courageous, confident and expressive as a sexual being.  Move with greater freedom, curiosity and playfulness.  Discover your sexual power and utilize this creative life force energy to live the life you desire.

Sacred Sexuality

Understand sexuality as your creative life force energy and how to use this energy for powerful healing, transformation, manifestation and divine expansion.  Explore the union of spirituality and sexuality.  Learn to deepen your experience of sexuality as an opening to greater intimacy with self, other and the divine.


Become more comfortable and confident in your body and bring more playfulness into your life.  Develop more presence and embodiment. Build deeper connection to yourself and your body.  Move energy and emotions. Learn how to connect with others on the dance floor with grace and ease.  Understand how partner dance can be a metaphor for life, helping us to develop better listening skills, greater attunement and more satisfying connections.

Free Discovery Session

In this FREE 30-minute Discovery Session we will explore three main areas:

  • What your concerns or challenges are when it comes to your sexuality and/or relationships.

  • What your life would be like without those challenges.

  • How to transform your challenges into successes!

During this time we will also explore whether we would be a good fit to continue working together.  No pressure, no strings attached.  This call will provide true value either way and offer you a safe space to share, be heard and be supported by me.

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