Women's Erotic Embodiment-
Day Long Playshop

Saturday, December 7th, 2019

The Womb Temple, Nevada City, CA

This playshop is for you if you want to:

--Connect more deeply with your sexuality and sensuality
--Understand your arousal- what turns you on (and off!)
--Know what you want and how to ask for it
--Feel empowered claiming and maintaining your boundaries
--Feel more confident expressing yourself as an erotic, sexual being
--Experience more pleasure and have stronger orgasms
--Feel more comfortable connecting intimately with others
--Release shame, fears and insecurities about your sexuality.
--Feel more courageous and excited about exploring your sexuality and eroticsm so you can open up to greater realms of pleasure, fun and healing

In this day long playshop we will dive deep into exploring our erotic nature. This will be a fun, intimate, playful and vulnerable exploration of self as a sensual, sexual, creative and powerful being. We will explore within community with other women, cultivating trust and connection, building confidence and self-awareness.

We will educate ourselves about female anatomy, arousal and desire, orgasms, boundaries and consent. We will dance and move our bodies to embody this knowledge and discover our inner-wisdom and self-knowing. We will witness each other and hold space for each woman to embrace her creative power and erotic nature.

**This class is open to Female-bodied and/or Female-identified persons of any sexual orientation. Some of the content will be specific to female anatomy. Please contact me with any questions or concerns.**

TESTIMONIALS from past students:
"Before this class with Usha, I felt cloaked in layers of uncertainty around arousal and my divine erotic nature. After this class, I felt I had the tools to begin removing these layers and exploring revealing my true erotic nature to the world, on my own, but with confidence and wisdom. She mixes curriculum with embodied experience and it makes for a transformational experience. And of course, she is an inspiration in her own beautiful erotic embodied self!"

"Before taking Erotic Embodiment with Usha, I was not feeling my sexual fire or creative energy very strongly. Taking the course helped me reconnect with the juiciness and pleasure in my body and in the world. I feel more empowered and confident in my sexuality, with my partners and alone. The course was fun, engaging and playful. Usha led us safely to our edges so that we could learn ourselves in new ways and helped us bring what we learned into our bodies. I would take this course again and recommend it highly!"

"Through her work normalizing her own sexuality, it is apparent how embodied Usha's comfort with herself is. She creates an incredibly supportive container for capacity for pleasure-exploration, both within oneself and in relation to others, in order to expand awareness and stimulate growth, thereby making the world a much sexier place."

"I entered the course really fed up with trying to "heal" my sexuality and left feeling more relaxed and optimistic, with strategies and insights to help me engage with my sexuality authentically."

The Womb Temple in Nevada City, CA
Exact address given upon registration.

INVESTMENT in your Erotic Self:
Sliding Scale: $85-$125
Please offer what feels in alignment with your income,

your budget, your desire and your abundant heart.

**Repeat students receive a 50% discount! **


Space is Limited.

Please contact me directly to register.  Feel free to contact me with any questions.