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Sunshine and Sensuality!

Nature provides us a tremendous and endless opportunity to connect more with our senses and therefore, to enhance our own sensual nature. The colors of flowers and trees, the beauty of mountains, rivers and streams, the scents of blossoms, fresh grass and rain, the heat of the sun and coolness of water, the feel of the soft earth on our bare feet, a refreshing breeze on the skin, the taste of sweet, ripe, juicy fruit.... all offering us the opportunity to feel more and to give attention to our senses. In addition to being sensual, nature is also all about sex and the creation of life! The sun and water are essential for life to exist. The plants and animals are constantly moving towards procreation, constantly in the erotic energy of creation. Let this inspire you towards your own creative power and energy by spending more time outdoors. Becoming more sensually aware and in touch with our creative life force energy is an essential part to enhancing our ability to experience more pleasure and feel more erotically vibrant and alive. Here is my invitation to you so that you can benefit from the sensual, erotic energy of nature: Go outside. Slow down. Breath deep. Find a quiet and peaceful place to take in the sun and feel the warmth on your skin. Bath in the sun's light and breath deeply as you focus on the sensations of heat in your body. Let it be pleasurable, like the warm caress of a lover. When it get's too hot, find some shade. Feel the respite from the heat. Feel the coolness of a tree's sanctuary. Feel the earth beneath you and breath in her nourishing energy. Take off your shoes, wiggle your toes, sit on the earth. Seek out opportunities to slow down outside and become present to pleasurable sensations in your body as you connect with nature. Let nature's sensual and erotic nature nourish your own. Let yourself rest in this abundance of sensuality and creative life force energy. For the courageous and advanced sensualist, find a private place (like your secluded backyard or even somewhere indoors with your windows open to let in the breeze or sunlight) to self-pleasure in nature. Let your naked body be caressed and kissed by the sun, the wind, and the colors all around you. Feel the vibrant energy of the earth, the plants the birds and bees and let it inspire your sensuality, your sexuality, your eroticism. If this inspires you, please let me know. I always love to hear from you. Now go have a sensual experience in nature and tell me about it.