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Spring River

The river is rushing loudly with the insistence of Spring’s arrival Snow melts to icy waters that fill these banks and overtake these stones and sandy beaches. It is enough to sit and stare entranced by her hypnotic music and movement. A watery green consumes my heart as I empty into her, wordlessly begging for solace and reconciliation but she doesn’t pause or slow down not long enough to notice me So I sit and wait to find empty and listen long enough to find my own way through through the meandering crevices and bends through the whirling waters splashing onto stone Facing the fear and grief that is always here that there is nothing we can hold on to As I write this my sunny perch on the rocks drifts into shadow as the bright orange globe hides beneath the ridge line and these few moments of warmth and light I’ve stolen in the early evening are also lost to me but these words will linger like the memory of so many things come to pass It’s cooler now. And lonely. I hold here Knowing I can trust myself to rest in this discomfort and longing letting the questions and conclusions and all the million other things in this world wait