Passion, Pleasure and Power Program

For women who want to deepen their connection to their sexuality so that they can have more confidence, power and pleasure in their lives.

  • Are you struggling with feelings of shame, fear or insecurity around your sexuality?

  • Do you struggle with having orgasms during sex, with a lover, or even at all? Or maybe you want more mind-blowing orgasms?

  • Do you feel shy expressing your desires in the moment and asking for what you really want?  

  • Are you confused about what turns you on, what gets you aroused and how to stay aroused, present and connected to your pleasure?  

  • Is low desire causing a problem in your relationship?

Hi!  My name is Usha Rose and I know what it’s like to feel sexually frustrated, ashamed, insecure and shut down.  

In relationships, I would often feel ashamed about how much sex I wanted or quilty for wanting more.  I often felt unsatisfied and wondered if something was wrong with me! Then I’d feel disappointed and my partner would feel inadequate, creating a painful cycle leaving us both feeling unhappy and disconnected! 

And even with all this sexual desire, I was too shy to express myself and to actually ask for what I really wanted!  I was afraid to communicate openly and to share what felt good and turned me on. It’s no wonder I so often felt frustrated and unsatisfied.

Other times I would feel confused or guilty when I was NOT feeling turned on or sexual, especially in long term partnership.  I would feel bored, uninspired and disconnected from my sexuality because I didn’t know or understand my own arousal and desires, and even if I did, I certainly wasn’t comfortable enough to talk about it!

Thankfully all that has changed.  

I started to learn about my sexuality, my body and my authentic desires.  With this new found knowledge and self-awareness I began to embrace my desires, my sexuality and my body with a new found freedom and joy and became more empowered and confident than ever before. 

I learned that I don’t need to depend on a lover to get my needs met, to feel satisfied or to experience pleasure.  I have greater understanding of who I am as a sexual being and how to explore that comfortably and openly with another.  

I have more clarity about my boundaries and I trust myself to take care of myself, to stay connected to my truth, my pleasure, my ever changing desires and my needs.  

I have the confidence to ask for what I want and communicate about my sexuality, permissioning myself and my lovers to explore more openly, curiously and playfully!  

Sex doesn’t have to be webbed in confusion, nervousness, fear or shame.  It can be something to celebrate and have fun with. It can be an opportunity to deepen intimacy, to play, to explore and discover, and to heal. 

Whether alone or with a partner, sex can be playful, kinky and fun, and/or deeply reverant, healing, prayful and intentional.  So much is possible within the realms of empowered sexuality and the possibilities become endless.

I am passionate about teaching and supporting women to experience this for themselves!  That’s why I’ve created the Sexually Confident and Empowered Woman’s Pleasure Program.

During this program you will become more connected to your sensuality and sexuality and know how to use that energy for your own enjoyment, creativity, pleasure and power.